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We create tailor-made events. Whether conference or expert panel, scientific or commercial context - we find the right solution and know the right speakers.

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At the beginning of every event there are various questions: What exactly do I want to transport? What forms and means do I use for this? And who do I want to actually achieve?Science Service works with you to develop individual concepts far from the usual 08/15 formats, even digitally.

Einen Schwerpunkt der weltgrößten Medizinmesse MEDICA bildet der Bereich Digital Health/ medizinische IT, den Besucher neuerdings zentral in Halle 13 finden. Gut 35.000 Fachbesucher der MEDICA interessieren sich speziell für diesen Angebotsbereich und die Foren wie MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM oder MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM sowie die MEDICA App COMPETITION. http://www.medica.de. Im Rahmen der weltgrößten Medizinmesse MEDICA informieren sich gut 120.000 Fachleute, davon zwei Drittel internationale Besucher, über Innovationen und Weiterentwicklungen aus allen Bereichen der ambulanten und stationären Versorgung. 5.500 Aussteller aus 69 Nationen präsentieren sich zur MEDICA 2019. https://www.medica.de. | One focus of MEDICA, the world's largest medical trade fair, is the Digital Health/Medical IT sector, which visitors can now find centrally in Hall 13. Some 35,000 trade visitors to MEDICA are particularly interested in this sector and the forums such as MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM or MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM as well as the MEDICA App COMPETITION. http://www.medica-tradefair.com. Around 5,500 exhibitors from 69 countries will be showcasing their products and services at MEDICA 2019. Clearly structured, with each market segment assigned its own exhibition hall, MEDICA covers the entire range of medical equipment needs in practices and hospitals. http://www.medica-tradefair.com

Development & Organization

Of course we also help your event to come to life and offer all services related to development and organisation. We cover everything from speaker search to the right location or on-site support.


We have been working in the field of IT-based healthcare solutions for many years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Contact us and receive a non-binding offer.

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You want to find out for your company where the trend in digital health is going and what the future scene will be like? Then ask us.

Drawing on the data for more insight


Are you thinking about entering the market or looking for suitable cooperation partners? We can advise you, also in tandem with hand-picked experts from research or protagonists from the start-up scene.



Do you need the right paper for a presentation or a project launch? We will create it for you, professionally and fabulously formulated.


In this industry it is the same as in all others: the right contacts will lead you to your goal. Our network lifts every cooperation and every project to a new level.

Expert pool

We have a broad pool of experts at top-notch level. We maintain contacts with first-class institutes and researchers as well as with the agile start-up scene.

Contact initiation

Whether you are looking for top researchers, thought leaders or stakeholders: we are sure we can initiate the appropriate partnerships.


You can leave the placement of your brand or product in a rapidly evolving market such as the digital health market to a large agency - or you can ask those who specialise in this.

You would like to position your market entry or product launch accordingly and are looking for the right environment? Does your company want to bring its own experts into event programmes? We can help you!

In view of the abundance of events, publications and platforms for the digitalization of the health care system, the search for suitable investments is not easy. We know the scene and are happy to advise you.

About Us


Especially the work in the health care system sensitizes one for the necessities of modern,
participative, i.e. digitalized mechanisms and solutions. However, with every innovation in this
sector, the medical benefit and the proximity to the patient are in the foreground for us. We act and develop our services based on this self-image.


Since its foundation in 2003, Science Service Dr. Hempel GmbH has been dealing thematically with IT-
based health solutions. Starting with the first telemedicine projects, we have followed the
development up to the present day and have also helped to shape it. We have established long-
standing contacts to leading institutes and companies, to politics and to founders inside. This wealth
of experience and this network distinguish us from many competitors in the market.


Digital healthcare should be radically interoperable, open to all and available at all times. This requires a common will to shape it across all disciplinary and sectoral boundaries – and pressure from those who want or need to use this care. We would like to make our modest contribution to this.